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Charcoal BBQ Pork rib is the most popular BBQ for korean people. There are 2 different types of bbq pork ribs which are 'Marinated pork rib' and 'origin pork rib'
This restaurant is famous for 'Marinated Pork Rib' with rapping veges. 

Historically, Pork Rib was called 'Gari BBQ' from 'Pyeongyang Cold Noodle' restaurant in Nakwondong. 
Gari BBQ was the alcohol snack food. Gari was a part of the Pork Rib. But, nowadays, the most people like to eat the original Pork Rib because they like the taste of the rib.
So, the history of pork rib is not that long time. But, this restaurant is the oldest pork rib restaurant in Seoul.

After Pork Rib BBQ, you will have experience of the most localtic alocohol snack that is Fried Chicken. 
As you know there are lots of fried chicken stores. But, korean fried chicken is very different with other fried chicken. 
The one restaurant of the fried chicken is located inside of the market. This chicken stores are 45 years old stores and it's very popular.

Charcoal BBQ Pork Rib with Fried Chicken (Min. 2 persons)

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