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Private Transportation

This service is to rent the vehicle with the driver to those who need the transportation service for whole day.

​Kia-All New Carnival 9 seaters

Capacity : max 5 passengers with 5 regular luggage. ​

Comfortable individual seats , Enough Leg Rooms, USB Port Charger, 

Good for Business travelers, and small family tourists.

English Driver is available

Hyundai Grand Starex 12 seaters

Capacity : max 7 passengers with 7 regular luggage.​

Good for small family travelers, comfortable seats

General tour van , English Driver is available

Hyundai Solati Minibus 15 seaters

Capacity : max 14 passengers with 14 regular luggage.​

Good for small size of group between 8-14 passengers. 

Enough leg rooms, Enough space, Enough storage.

very comfortable during travelling.

English Driver is available

Hyundai E-County Coach 25 seaters

Capacity : Max 18 passengers with 18 regular luggage

                  (Max 20 passengers without luggage) 

Good for mid size of group between 15 - 20 passengers. 

Only Korean Driver is available.

Kia Grandbird Bus 45 Seaters

Capacity : Max 40 passengers with 40 regular luggage


Comfortable seats with enough leg rooms, 

Enough space of storage, very comfortable during travelling.

Good for big size of group between 20 - 40 passengers.

Only Korean Driver is available.


Transportation Rent Fare

- You need to request us to check the availability on your travelling date. The price is average price so it can be changes by the seasonal situation.

- English Drivers are all included. But, for the E-County and Grandbird is not included.

- Basic Rental Hours are 9 hours maximum. For the extra hours will be charged 20 USD per an hour.

- For more inquiries, please contact us through email or TXT to us.