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Korea Food Tours with Steven

'Korea Food Tours with Steven' is to experience of the most popular Korean local foods in all over in Korea.

In Each city or town has their own local foods with different cultures and traditions. This tour is to try the all the different kind of local foods while you travel around Korea. Steven is the special tour guide for this food tours. He has 20,000 local food restaurant lists where he has been to.


Food itself has lots of influences by the cultures and history in each cities. In Korea, as history background, there was lots of different kingdom dynasties with different cultures. Therefore each city has different food styles and taste. 

Our food tour is not just eating tour. Our concept of the tour is to learn the cultures and the histories with the traditional local foods. 

Tour Information

Seoul City is the multicultural city as its the capital of Korea. So most of the foods are very fusion and general Korean foods as what you already knows about.  Seoul Food Tour is the beginner course of the food tours to try. So, you can try seafood, BBQ, Street foods, and so on. There are such a many things to eat. 

Busan Food Tour

Busan is the second biggest city in Korea. It's 4.5hrs away from Seoul City. Busan City is basically the port city where has the largest international port in Korea. Busan city has lots of good local foods such as Pork Soup, Pig Hog, BBQ Fish, BBQ Eel and so on. The most of foods in Busan are related with the history and cultures of the city. 

You can learn the cultures and the history through the food tour. 

Jeonju city is already popular for the origin of Korean food. Especially, Bibimbap (Mixed Rice with vegetable by korean chilli paste)  is the most well-known food from Jeonju City. However, there are real local foods in Jeonju city. In History, this city was the holiday town during our kingdom dynasty. Therefore, our king usually visited this town to have a holiday. This is the main reason why Jeonju city is the origin of korean food. 

During this tour, you will learn the history of Jeonju city, and cultural background through the local food. 

Suwon Food Tour

Suwon City is a part of the metropolitan city of Seoul. It's only 40 mins away from Seoul City. Suwon city has the headquarter office with factory, the heritage fortress, and so on. Suwon city is the centre of the transport to enter Seoul during kingdom dynasty so there was the big markets appeared near the fortress.  Therefore, lots of people were trading and selling their food and meats at the market.  Therefore, Suwon City is very famous for Charcoal grilled BBQ Beef Rib, and fried chicken.  

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