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Jeonju Culinary Tour

"The City of food and history"
Basic Jeonju
Culinary Course

Jeonju City is located in North-Jeonla Province, 230 Kms away from Seoul.

This City is quiet small city and only has around 700,000 citizens. But, this city is the most important city by history and food. 

During Joseon Kingdom dynasty, our kings were visiting this city as a holiday. This is the main reason that Jeonju is very popular for the royal foods. The most of best and original Korean foods are from this city.


< Tour Explanation > 

Our food tour guide will pick you up from you hotel. If you are depart from Seoul will be picked up by 9am, and depart from Jeonju city will be picked up by 10:30am.  As a first destination, you will going to the beautiful lotus park called 'Deokjin Lotus Park'. This park is the one of landmark of Jeonju. But, the lotus are only can see during Autumn season.  

After lotus park, you will have a lunch. The lunch will be 'Bibimbap' (mixed rice with chilli paste and varieties of vages). 

This food is the one of typical food of Jeonju City.  After lunch, you will move to Hanok Village.

Hanok means 'Korea traditional house'. There are thousands of the traditional houses in the village with beautiful scenery.  

You will be walk around this village with wearing the korea costumes. Lots of people are wearing the Korea Costumes to take the photos while they roam around.  It's very trendy now in Korea. 

Also, there are varieties of street food stalls in the village.  In the village, you will also visit the 'Cathedral church' and 'King's Shrine'. 

After village, you will move to Nambu Traditional market via South Gate of Jeonju Fortress. 

As a last destination, you will have experience of Rice wine with varieties of tapas. 

Jeonju city is very popular for the rice wine called 'Markgeolli'.  This is the most popular local alcohol drink in Korea. 

Mostly, farmers are drink the rice wine in middle of work for resting.


* Itinerary :  Seoul or Jeonju -> Deokjin Lotus Park -> Lunch ->  Hanok Village via king's Shrine and Cathedral church -> Nambu makret via south gate -> Rice win street -> Back to Seoul or hotel in Jeonju 

Tour Details

- Private Tour 

- Pick up time at your hotel (Depart from Seoul 9:00am.  Depart from Jeonju 10:30am) 

- From 300$ USD per person (min 2 persons)

- One Full Day Tour

- Food Expert Tour guide 

- All inclusive

- If you have an allergy, you should let guide know about it.