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Company License # 158-88-00063   Travel License # 20150005


Head Office (Suwon) : #403 Star Building, 12-39 Yongtongro 241st Road, Yongtonggu, Suwon City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Busan Branch : ​ 3rd Floor, 17 Minlakro 27th Street, Suyonggu , Busan City, South Korea

Jeju Branch : 437 Seongyo Road, Jocheon-Eup, Jeju-City, Jeju Specialized Province. , South Korea

Manila Branch  : Level 10 One Global Place, 5th Avenue and 25th Street, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Bulacan Branch : Unit 3 V.R. Perez Building, By-pass Road, Santa Clara, Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines 

Auckland Branch : 10F, 2 Kitchener St, Auckland CBD, Auckland, New Zealand 

   Company History

Company History



MAR     Opening New Zealand Branch "WE tour Co.,Ltd"

MAY      Launched New Zealand Branch "WE Tour Co.,Ltd" 

             Korea Company Name Changed to "WE Tour Korea from H&T Consulting   

JUNE    Webpage changed to '' from        

JULY     120 Pax French Family Tour 

AUG      50 pax Hyundai Motors Brazil Branch Business Trip 

             Contract with Koryo Tours for North Korea Tours.

OCT      Contract with David's fun Tour in New Zealand for budget travelers. 


JAN   Discover Asia Philippine 38pax group tour 

FEB   New Zealand Pam tour for 20 pax as incentive group 

MAR  Contract with Malaysia New Travel Agency
APR   5 groups from Malaysia, 10 groups from Philippines, F.I.T Groups 

MAY   Contract with DOTW (Dubai Online Travel Worldwide) for Inbound of Korea.       

           Discover Asia 13 pax tour 

JUNE  Contract with MICE company of Channel K for India Incentive Group. 

JULY  Rilo Ap Coporate Tour 

           Jeonju University - Korean Food Foundation Chef's Tour   

OCT    Samsung Electronic Thailand Branch Business Trip 

NOV    Suwon Samsung Electronics Business Trip 

            New Zealand Photographer Tour for 80pax 

DEC     2018 Winter Olympic Shuttle Transportation Service Launched      


Feb     Launched  'Korea Train Tour'

JUNE  80 people Coporate Incentive Tour

            for Hyundai Motors Band-Company.

JULY  100 people Coporate Incentive Tour for Samsung Electronic.

            Pam Tour for Hungarian travel agency.

            Ramada Hotel Incentive Tour.

Sept    20 people Coporate Incentive Tour for Kia Motor Band-Company.

OCT     Samsung Electronics Incentive Tour for 20 pax

            KOGAS Foriegner instructors incentive tour for 30 pax

            Rilo-Ap & Korea Customs foriegner instructors incentive tour for 20pax

NOV    Gyeongi Travel Organization Pam Tour for Mongolia 15 pax

            Korea Traverl Organization Pam Tour for 80 pax  


Mar     Co-operate Begin with  On go Food Communication

May     Renamed and Launched the Coporate Company ' Travel-Advisor'

             Started Outbound Brand 'Plan B Tour'

June    Supported for the video shooting. (Culinary Institute of America)

July     Ocular visit to Manila, Boracay in Phlippines

Nov      Tripadvisor Rank #1 in Suwon Area.

Dec       K.T.O  Rank #3 of Phlippine Agency in Korea



Jan        M.O.U Contract with Bico.T.S Co.

              Ski Tour Started

Mar       MCI Incentive Tour  80pax

              Co-operate with Oneday Korea, Sweetravel Korea

              Rilo Ap. Incentive Tour

May       Partnership Contract with Discover Asia Philippines

June      Business Trip from U.S

               Rilo Ap  Incentive Tour 120 Pax

July       M.O.U with Homestay Korea

Sept      Daily City Tour 'K-Tours' Started

Nov        Partnership with Welcome Guesthouse

Dec        Singapore 'HSBC' Incentive Tour




July     Launched as H&T Consulting Co.

Sept    42 Danish Tourists Incentive Tour

Oct       Begin Private Guide Service

             Co-operate with Bluko Tours.

             Rilo Ap Incentive Tour

Dec      Singapore 'HSBC'  Incentive Tour


CEO Profile

형정우 대표 

현) WE Tour Ltd 이사

       H&T 컨설팅 대표이사

       (주)트래블어드바이저 대표이사

​전) 계원예대 파라다이스호텔학교 교수 

전) 독산 노보텔엠버서더 주임

전) 킴스여행사 대리  

Steven Hyung C.E.O

H&T Consulting C.E.O

Travel-Advisor Co.,Ltd C.E.O

Professor of Paradise Hospitality School, Gyewon Uni. 

Prev) Doksan Novotel Ambassador Supervisor

Prev.) Kim's Travel Co., Ltd Assist. MGR

C.E.O Message

I want you to be impressed by our high quality service and will give you the most memorable happiness as present.